Dr Renee Botham Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist
in Stanmore, Middlesex.


Peace of Mind

"I put off seeking help for my eating disorder, depression and emotional struggles for decades believing I could resolve these issues myself. My emotional baggage was heavy, out of date, full of shame and confused. Fast forward to 2019 and very little had changed, I couldn’t move forward, and it dawned on me that this would be my ‘real’ life story if I didn’t do something about it.

Last year I finally wrote my email to Renée and my life changed. Today I understand my past and very happily I no longer live there. I’ve found peace of mind and acceptance and my mantra is ‘self-care’. My weight is now stable and healthy and my outlook is bright. My advice to anyone would be to seek help now. My thanks to Renée is heartfelt." 2020

Addiction Recovery

"Therapy sessions with Renée were a real lifeline for me during a time when I was struggling with several addictions. I was lonely, confused, desperate for change but living within such a dark cloud that I could not see one simple fact – how unhappy I was. The work we did together to explore the causes of this unhappiness has been incredibly rewarding. Now as an addict in recovery I’m living a happier, peaceful and more fulfilled life which is built firmly on the strong foundations Renée helped me to build. I have developed invaluable insight about myself, my behaviours and most importantly, my thinking, to enable a new way of processing and framing life’s challenges which help me continue to live in the present and not the past." 2020

It was an all-time low

"At my very lowest point Renée was there to encourage me and help me get back on track. Without her I'm not really sure what state of mind I would be in right now. Thank you Renée for everything. Forever grateful for your help in making me realise all the good I have in my life" 2020

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